Theory of creation and evolution

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Theory of creation and evolution

Post by MMM on Thu Jun 11, 2015 6:36 pm

Lets discuss the theory of creation and evolution in "White Wolf" game / cartoon.

Life energy

On the surface of our planet, as well as deep underneath it, life energy flows constantly. Without it no creature would be able to live...
Occasionally that energy gathers around one exact spot and begins to crystallize itself.
And that type of crystal can cause violent evolution on every living creature around it due to the massive amounts of life energy gathered in it.


Creature that came into contact with crystallized energy of the earth and due to it had a forced evolution is called Semidori. These creatures are under constant pain because of that evolution, having their bodies deformed, and some of them even can go insane! Also, their life span is very shortened due to the enormous stress their body is being exposed to.


In rare occasions, Semidori can develop a unique ability to manipulate small amount of blood that leaves throughout the pores on their skin. This process is called crystallization and Semidori usually discover this ability accidentally when they are in danger and tries to defend thyself.


Sometimes the energy of the earth can even create a living thing. These creatures are called Midori and usually do not have developed conscience. They can not breed and their life span is unique to every one of them. They  feed with anything they can come across.

It is being considered that there is not enough crystallized energy to create an intelligent organism, so called Junsuina Midori (pure Midori). In theory, creature like that would be able to evolve above every other creature on the planet.


If more then one creature comes into contact with crystallized energy at the same time, that can cause such a sudden cell development that all those creatures would merge as a one. Creature that was made from multiple living beings merged into one due to the forced evolution is called Chimera.

Space rift

Energy of all living beings is strong, but the strongest energy comes from Midori (creatures who are made from 90 percent of that energy). That's why, at the moment of their death, that's energy is being released and can cause space rupture. The higher the amount of energy released, the bigger the chance of causing a space rupture. It is not known yet where those ruptures lead to, but it is considered that they can lead even to a different time period.

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